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October 31, 2007


Hashem Bajwa

I agree. Its not about a magic number and then the label of mainstream can be used or applied. I'd rather look at the users themselves and look at how relevant something is to them. We can talk about whether things have scale or not, but this notion of mainstream versus (understream?) is archaic in a new media/marketing/consumer/whatever world.

Todd W.

Funny, whenever those same TV execs and ad folks talk about their tried-and-true medium - TV - they are completely hip to audience segmentation. "18-34 year olds" anyone? But when they talk about the threatening new media, it's back to broad aggregate statistics that mean absolutely nothing.


I agree. Furthermore, things can be mainstream for certain groups of people, say business people or teens, and can reach a point where within that demographic it is very important. However, when you look at all households, if the product isn't at the 40% then its importance and "mainstreamness" will be undocumented.

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